Will Rain Wash Away Acrylic Paint?

Will Rain Wash Away Acrylic Paint?

Acrylic paint is praised by the artists and creative persons for its simplicity of application, bright colors, and short drying time. However, those who decide to paint outdoor items or want to refresh their house facade often ask the same question: will acrylic paint run in the rain?

Well, let’s investigate a bit to dig into the answer!

Can Rain Ruin Acrylic Paint Cover?

Can Rain Ruin Acrylic Paint Cover?

Shortly speaking, yes, it will. But don’t get upset: this problem is easily solved, we only need to learn how to do that correctly. 

To understand why this kind of paint can easily be ruined by water, it is necessary to figure out what this sort of paint is. Since acrylic paint is basically a pigment mixed in acrylic polymer emulsion, speaking the human language, this is a water-based paint.

Because of this feature, acrylic paints dry fast since water tends to evaporate quickly leaving the colored layer set. But also, again due to being water-based, acrylic paints can easily be washed away with water if the painted layer is still fresh when exposed to rain in our case.

And even if it manages to dry completely by the time the weather does its job, repeated watering will anyway destroy the painted cover making it crack and fall off.

Since acrylic paints are widely used not only for painting on canvas but also for coloring the outdoor items (garden decorations, for instance) or for decorating the footwear, I would recommend adhering to this information if you don’t want your hand-painted snickers to turn into a mess after being worn in the rain once.

How to Protect Acrylic Paint From Being Washed

How to Protect Acrylic Paint From Being Washed

The best way to make sure your painted object will stay good-looking after the rain, the acrylic layer must be protected by varnishing or glossing the paint.

  1. For varnishing, opt for either an aerosol or brush-varnishing method. The spray will be better on canvas since they are usually kept indoors away from water and sun. Of course, any acrylic-painted objects that will be kept inside the house can also be varnished by the varnishing spray.

Nevertheless, any outdoor items are better to be treated with a brush. This approach ensures the thicker layer of the protection (besides, you can cover the item twice or even three times making it waterproof), and also using a brush will allow you to get to every single corner and crease of the object. 

  1. For glossing, go for a flossy varnish but remember that, in this case, the item you cover with it will be quite shiny, If that is not what you are looking forward, I would recommend shifting for a matte or satin varnish. They will provide the same protection but the object will not be shining like a polished table silver under the sun. 

So now you are aware that acrylics, even though being durable and strong kind of paint, still need water protection if the painted items will be kept outside. Varnishing can be performed with an ordinary brush so anyone can do that. Keep your paintings or whatever you work on secure, and enjoy them!


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