How to Make Curtains Glide Smoothly

How to Make Curtains Glide Smoothly

This is probably the problem that is very familiar to any owner of curtains: you take the drapes to shade your window, you pull them, but nothing happens! And if we keep on pulling like that, we will most likely break the rail or tear the fabric rather than solve the issue.

So why do those curtains not always glide perfectly? The answer is pretty simple, and you will find it below. Stay with me!

What Makes the Curtain Pole Less Slippy

Let’s first refresh the way the curtains move when attached to the rail track. If we are not talking about the wooden variant where the curtains are attached to the pole with the wooden rings (which creates no problems with moving them), then the only option is left.

I mean the rail track with special clips that are attached both to the pole and the curtains. One end of each clip is adjusted to the rail track which allows us to move them back and forth thus opening and closing the curtains.

However, sometimes it gets difficult to do, and I can name several reasons for that:

  • The first reason is the residue. Since the rail tracks are located high above our eyesight where we often don’t notice them, it is easy to miss them when doing our weekly cleaning. 

Thus the poles collect the dirt and dust for months which results in a common problem when curtains begin to “drag” because of the build-up on the rail.

  • Wear and tear is the second reason. The constant sliding of the curtains back and forth day after day will sooner or later create wear and tear on the track or pole. 

As a result, the smooth coating that is usually there to provide the proper glide will be removed leading to the irritating effect of stucking.

   Fortunately, in both cases, the solution can be easily found.

How to Make Curtains Slide Smoothly Again

Since in both cases, the smoothness is lost because of the improper state of the pole, we just need to clean it up to make the curtains glide as usual.

  • If the reason is dirt, start with cleaning the rail track from dust. It will take some time and might be not quite comfy to do, but it will return the movability to the clips or rings again.

To clean the pole, use water and any mild washing liquid. To work on a curtain rail or track, I’d recommend using a cloth wrapped around the pencil to reach the rail recess. Clips and rings must also be removed and cleaned.

After the item is cleaned, apply a quality dry silicone spray along the rail track to bring back the ideal gliding effect.

  • If the source of the problem is wear and tear, simply apply the silicone spray to revive the curtain pole or rail track. 

Like this, your curtains will be moving again easily and smoothly.


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